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4.5 sao trên tổng 107 đánh giá
1 Nov 2020 tại 11:36 I normally enjoy meal from your restaurant, but Persian Wedding Rice was big disappointment. Chicken had no flavour or saltiness, and rice was not tasty at all. I heard it’s one of the signature Iranian dishes so I hope you improve on the quality.
26 Oct 2020 tại 20:58 Tasty
4 Aug 2020 tại 5:12 Always excellent
11 Jul 2020 tại 9:17 Needed to wait more than 90 min as they were busy, but excellent food.
10 Jun 2020 tại 19:44 1h 30 min for the delivery, chicken shawarma was bland, greek salad bitter, not worth the 300k
14 May 2020 tại 4:38 So glad to be able to order from Warda again.
26 Nov 2019 tại 6:05 Delicious food and super delivery people.